Born in Jamaica, Brian began cooking as a child when he started to help his Mum at her restaurant. Specializing in traditional Caribbean breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes, Brian recognized that cooking, taking orders, and serving food was a way to make people happy—which was one of his biggest motivations for studying food and nutrition when he was a 14-year-old, and studying to gain his culinary arts certification when he was 17.
Moving to South Florida, Brian was apprehensive of the unknown. After a short stint in the construction industry, Brian found familiarity and comfort back in the kitchen, except this time with a little more equipment than his mother’s single stovetop and mixer. 
Affectionally known as the “must-have grill guy,” Brian has dedicated himself to a number of Chef Jim Shirley concepts, scaling up his skill set and volume. Learning, unlearning, and paying forward his technical and administrative knowledge to those around him—just like his Mum—Brian teaches and guides his team how to work smart.
Besides his Mum’s overarching and continued influence, Brian recognizes his new Executive Chef, Innocent Utomi, for guiding him to the next level.
When not in a restaurant, Brian continues to study the history of cooking from various books. He enjoys walks on the beach, especially with his children.