Born and raised in Jamaica, Brian became a firefighter at the age of 19. His move to Connecticut in the United States prompted the end of his 13-year service. Starting out at the Great Southern Café shucking oysters, Brian has worked every prep station everywhere on the line.
Despite his diligent climb up the ranks to sergeant in the Fire Department, Brian claims one of his biggest obstacles to date was expressing himself in a different culture and learning to communicate in a different way. Brian acknowledges supervisor Chef Matt Carson for taking him under his wing, and Executive Chef Innocent Utomi, his guiding hand, for chipping away at Brian’s knowledge gaps.
With dedication, hard work, and teamwork, Brian claims to have the “fairytale” life that he always wanted—which includes his young daughter, who opened his eyes to a new world.
When not in the restaurant, Brian enjoys relaxing by watching a good movie.