Growing up in San Jose, California, Bryan’s first job in hospitality as a dishwasher/cook, was when he was 16 years old. After a small break to attend community college, Bryan returned to hospitality and has spent the rest of his years travelling, learning and cooking alongside some of the culinary industry’s finest.
Bryan’s open-mindedness, sense of adventure and throwing-in job applications during weekend trips away with friends has been the catalysts for his diverse and impressive track record as a professional chef.
Through hard work, dedication, willingness to try and learn new things, leading by example and coaching/training others, Bryan’s experience took him from working as a line cook at a Cajun-style grill in California to the Virgin Islands, Las Vegas and Miami before he rooted himself in Florida’s Panhandle.
Chef Suzette Gresham, his very first mentor, taught Bryan how to be a true professional, and then, from eight years working on Chef Emeril Lagasse’s culinary team, Bryan was exposed to all the business aspects of food and beverage operations, as well as culinary craftsmanship and advanced skill sets.
We are lucky to have Bryan on our team. From a little hot dog and burger restaurant called the Happy Hound in California to being called out to several tables, including Chef Charlie Trotter in Miami, Bryan’s career and experience is an inspiration to the youth of this community and communities at large.
Bryan’s most memorable moments are two major restaurant openings with Emeril, and “once in a lifetime” moments, like Super Bowl parties and world-renowned food and wine festivals.
When Bryan isn’t at the restaurant you can find him relaxing at home, at work in his garden, or reading and watching movies.