Josh joins us with an array of food and beverage experience that ranges from serving, event coordinating, managing the floor, and business operations across sport pubs, fine dining and independently owned restaurant groups, with only a quick five-year break after attending Pensacola State College studying Computer Science.
During those years, Josh worked at Eglin Air Force Base working in network system administration. While Josh received accolades and letters of commendation for his work, he was missing interaction with people. Measuring in the top 16% of the population driven by people and customer focus, Josh retired from I.T. and found a new home for the next nine years behind the bar.
In 2018, Josh was in a near-fatal fluke accident riding a motorized scooter. After this experience, he sees life with nothing but gratitude. June particularly is a celebratory month for Josh and his family. Josh is a proud father to his 15-year-old daughter and 4-month-old son.
Josh regards his team as a family unit and strives each day to make his colleagues and his patrons feel refreshed, warm and welcome.
When not at the restaurant, Josh likes to fish, surf, play volleyball and play his musical instruments. Josh is self-taught on the piano, saxophone, drums, most guitars, and various vocal styles.