Meet Coach “Marty”!
From Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Marty’s parents moved to Gulf Breeze during his early childhood years for a small-town life. Marty’s first job was at an Italian restaurant during the summer high school months as a line cook. Marty had zero line-cook experience.
Through a commitment to learn from his buddies and from those willing to teach him, 20-plus years later, Marty went on to train many back-of-the-house teams and has been called upon to manage several high-volume restaurant kitchens.  
“To make it in the kitchen is much like making it in life,” Marty says. “Always strive to learn — the world and business is constantly evolving. Do your research. Commit to working hard and accept that it is only through failure that we learn some of our most valuable lessons.”
As a committed lifelong learner, Marty joins us in his new role working in the Front of the House.
A hands-on Dad, Marty is a coach on his son’s baseball team, and focuses as well on creating experiences and memories with his wife, daughter, and friends.
Coach Marty’s pearls of wisdom, borrowed from his own father: Your word is gold. Be trustworthy, be respectful. Don’t get greedy, and to help others first is good karma.
Apart from his family, Martin is most proud of cooking for the Navy Ball in Pensacola, and cooking for Governor DeSantis’ Campaign Dinner.