Spencer entered the hospitality industry bussing tables. When he was old enough, he turned to serving before quickly moving to bartending to support himself through college, where he earned a degree studying European history at the University of South Alabama in his hometown of Mobile, Alabama.
After graduating, he moved to Houston, Texas, where his first job was with a James Beard award-winning chefs’ restaurant group. He worked at several of the chefs’ restaurants around the city for over four years while moving into management.
Spencer held a management position here in Destin on the opening team for a famous Southern Coastal brand, waterfront venue, and restaurant for two years before moving back to his hometown to embark on his next adventure of becoming a father—while managing Mobile’s elegant downtown “clubhouse” restaurant and bar that received a nomination for a James Beard award for Best New.
Spencer is happy to be back at the beach beginning his next chapter with his family, and is looking forward to continuing to grow his knowledge of wine and cocktails. 
Spencer spends his free time with his wife and daughter—outdoors enjoying the beach’s sand and water, playing golf, cooking, and making cocktails at home as well as trying new places and cuisines.